Factors that Lure Celebrities to Star Island in Miami Beach

Some areas are relatively attractive to celebrities due to their compatibility with the type of life they need to live. Some seek a calm ambiance, while others want a vibrant atmosphere. Despite the difference in preferences, you will find that the common thing is the need for privacy and personal space. When looking for such […]

Why Professional Athletes Find Miami Beach an Excellent Choice

For most people, looking for a home is informed by issues such as accessible amenities, price, safety, and location. While these factors come to play for professional athletes, there are many more things that affect the decision-making process. Miami is incredibly attractive as a real estate investment destination due to its nature and aesthetics. Therefore, […]

A-List Amenities Athletes Want in Their Luxury Homes

Homes of athletes are some of the most opulent and famous in the Miami Beach area. It’s hard to forget massive mansions like Shaquille O’Neal’s Star Island former home or Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s ultra-modern, golf-course adjacent home in the La Gorce neighborhood. However, more than just the elite athletes choose the warm climate of Miami […]

What’s Happening in the Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate Market in 2019

Real estate, more than many, is a business of trends and being able to tap into the changing whims and demographics of a clientele. Being successful in luxury real estate means integrating well with the trends of wealthy clients, looking for the latest in high-end home trends. Exploring the trends of the Miami Beach luxury […]

10 Luxury Mansions For Sale In Miami Beach Over 15 Million

With one of the largest real estate markets in the world, Miami Beach is host to fabulous waterfront mansions that belong to celebrities, professional athletes, doctors and other wealthy and famous people from around the globe. Here we present a hand-picked compilation with 10 Luxury Mansions for Sale in Miami Beach ranging from 39.5 million […]

Ivan & Mike Join The ONE Sotheby’s Sports & Entertainment Division

We recently joined the ONE Sotheby’s Sports & Entertainment Division because we are already working with an exclusive cadre of ultra-wealthy high net-worth individuals that often includes professional athletes and their support apparatus, entertainment industry professionals, and celebrities. We are huge sports enthusiasts, and fledgling art collectors and have a busy schedule of world-class sporting, […]

Tranquility, meditation and wellness: a trend in luxury buildings in South Florida

There is a clear trend of amenities for tranquility, meditation, and overall wellness in the luxe real estate of South Florida. Resort lifestyle is no longer just about making things look good, instead developers now create spaces and services for making top-tier buyers feel good physically and mentally…

Four Renowned Architects Who Shaped Their Talent in Miami Beach

Four of the most renowned architects who got involved, contributing with their talent, experience and creativity, making of Miami Beach a better place to live

Collins Avenue Oceanfront Condos

Many want to purchase a waterfront home in Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, watch the sunsets, the sunrises, walk to the sand and take a bath in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are one of those who loves resort life-style, here are the most recent listings to choose and begin to live next to […]

Miami Beach Luxury Realtor: how to become successful (interview)

Want to become a Miami Beach Luxury Realtor? Ivan Chorney gave a great interview for The Millennials Guide to Real Estate, with a story on how to become successful with luxury real estate sales, and also some great insight into some of the big steps he took to get to the top. Properties like Architect […]

Miami Beach Real Estate Newsletter: Ivan and Mike

Why did you decide to begin a Miami Beach Real Estate Newsletter? Many of our clients have been asking us for a regular communication on our website to keep them up to date about the latest real estate news in Miami and Miami Beach. We are constantly in touch with many people, attending events and meetings, […]