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Joined by the Venetian Causeway, and connected to the mainland at the heart of Miami Beach, there is a chain of six exclusive man-made islands known as The Venetian Islands. Its history goes back to 1913 when the original plan was thought to be a much larger project than it is today, with four additional islands and two extra roads that would connect with the center causeway, but the 1920s Florida land boom plus the 1926 Miami Hurricane were decisive to let the project as we know it today.

Home of the famous, the wealthiest, and showbiz superstars, named from East to West, the luxurious Venetian Islands are Belle Isle, Rivo Alto Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island, and Biscayne Island.

The Venetian Island real estate is comprised mostly of breathtaking waterfront homes (but there are also dry lots) boasting beautifully landscaped surroundings, furnished with lavish details, and offering spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. That’s why many from around the world have found what the needed in this paradise, and it continues to be a draw for the wealthy due to the both elegant, and relaxing lifestyle.

Belle Isle, the easternmost isle is the only one that is not fully artificial. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it was a mangrove hammock island, but as fruit farmer John S. Collins, and entrepreneur and visionary Carl G. Fisher began to develop luxury properties inside Miami Beach, the sand that was cleaned for construction was deposited by the mangroves. In recent decades, the neighborhood started to grow with a newly developed rental complex, the Standard Hotel offering a piece of the tropical paradise homeowners enjoy every single day.

On the other side, Biscayne Island, the westernmost artificial island used to operate as an airport but nowadays it is home to premium condo buildings, an upscale residential area, and the private toll plaza entry onto the other Venetian Islands.

The gorgeous bay views, limited traffic, and Miami’s tropical monsoon climate set the perfect atmosphere for a life full of comfort. As the Venetian Causeway crosses all of the Venetian Islands and directly connects the city of Miami with Miami Beach, it has become a hotspot for bikers and runners who enjoy the spectacular scenery while giving their best to their training.

The average size of waterfront residential units in the Venetian Islands is 10.500 sq. ft. Non-waterfront residences have a standard lot size of 7.500 sq. ft. In terms of architectural designs, there’s a wide variety, the real estate here exhibit mostly styles like Modern, Mediterranean Revival, and Retro Chic. Belle Isle also displays mid-century apartment buildings, condos, and co-ops constructed from the 1970s until the early 2000s.

This community is attractive to high-profile businesspeople, remarkable entrepreneurs, politicians, government advisers, A-list celebrities, Hollywood artists, sports superstars, rich retirees, industry tycoons, and many notable famous like Paulina Rubio, Arne Quinze, Susana Gimenez, JC Penney, and Barbara Becker.

Living in The Venetian Islands is a privilege where you can contemplate the beautiful sea, and even its dolphins, you can also see the big cruise ships when they are docked at Dodge Island. If you are a water enthusiast and love to boat, you are a few minutes from Government Cut and the Atlantic Ocean.

You are very close to the best gastronomic scene on Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, the top boutique brands at Lincoln Road, and a complete cultural offer minutes away from the Art and Design Districts. To sum it out, it’s a wonderful and unique experience probably unlike almost anywhere else in the U.S.

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