Some areas are relatively attractive to celebrities due to their compatibility with the type of life they need to live. Some seek a calm ambiance, while others want a vibrant atmosphere. Despite the difference in preferences, you will find that the common thing is the need for privacy and personal space. When looking for such a property in Miami Beach, most celebrities are drawn to Star Island.

Scenic views are one of the many aspects that influence the phrases that can be used to describe the attractiveness of this beautiful island. It is endowed with an incredible green environment that creates breathtaking scenery when combined with the beautiful blue water surrounding it. The draw of this island is not only based on the aesthetic appeal, but it is also influenced by the beautiful features that make up the homes.

Factors that Lure Celebrities to Star Island

The Advantage of Few Properties

It is a well-known fact that when something is in low-supply, it becomes more popular and highly sought after. Star Island is no different. The whole island contains 34 properties, which are rarely in the market. This creates a frenzy every time there is a listing as more people wish to be a part of the enclosed island that has limited occupational spots.

Only One Access

Other than having few properties, the fact that the island is only accessible through one bridge increases its points for exclusivity. This factor also influences the security since it is easy to monitor those that come in and those leaving.

Adequate Space

The limitations set on the number of properties contribute significantly to the type of residency available. The homes on Star Island have enough space for different activities. They offer owners the luxury to perform various activities both indoors and outdoors. This vast working space increases the essence of the property for celebrities. It is perfect for those who seek to find a creative space to work on their art or an adequate way to pull-back from the hassle of their world.

Exemplary architecture

Homes in Star Island are designed and built within regulations using the highest standards on the market. All the homes portray the exquisite atmosphere of class and luxury, not to mention the stellar status of the island.

You also get to add-on to your house and custom-make it into what you want it to be from adding a deck, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and a private dock.

Beach Access

The island has 34 waterfronts which means every property has access to the beach. This makes the properties even more attractive as they offer freedom to enjoy the beautiful scenery without interference. This, in turn, is essential in maintaining a private life and avoiding run-ins with people, which is what celebrities essentially look for.

Also, those who have boats can dock them on their waterfronts which saves on expenditure and is highly-convenient whenever you want to use your boat.

Growing Property Value

The need to live in chic environments and splendid homes is a growing culture. Star Island continues to gain popularity from different wealthy groups. Owning property on the island is a smart investment move, since real estate in the area is assured to increase in value, and the island is growing in popularity.

When you purchase a house on the island, you have the option to enjoy the sanctity of your dream home forever or make the most of it until you decide to sell, at which point you should make a profit.