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Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +1 (305) 615-0441

Jay Brandt, Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where he was an accomplished multi-athlete with honors in academics. Growing up surrounded by successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and developers. He has understood the value of self-responsibility and discipline in working hard to achieve his goals.

Jay was driven to pursue a real estate career from watching his mother’s continuous success as a top agent, and her joy of being in a field of such luxury and self-reliance. Jay has built a keen interest in high-end, luxury homes, and a strong passion for helping clients during life-altering times like his mother had done for so long. While studying and pursuing baseball in California, Jay was able to get hands-on experience as a Sales and Marketing Rep for his father’s company, which has skilled him in generating new business and developing positive relationships with clients while learning valuable lessons.

Jay pursued a very respectable baseball career all over the country while majoring in Business Management and Minoring in both Communications and Political Science. With the knowledge gained from his academics, he has felt very comfortable adapting to new environments, learning new methods to achieve common goals, and most importantly having the work ethic and discipline to get work done. Along with traveling the country playing baseball, he has learned how to build relationships with people of different social statuses which has become an advantage when working with his past clients. Jay hopes his commitment to being knowledgeable and servicing his customers will make you feel comfortable working with him.

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