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Why Professional Athletes Find Miami Beach an Excellent Choice

Why Professional Athletes Find Miami Beach an Excellent Choice

For most people, looking for a home is informed by issues such as accessible amenities, price, safety, and location. While these factors come to play for professional athletes, there are many more things that affect the decision-making process. Miami is incredibly attractive as a real estate investment destination due to its nature and aesthetics.

Therefore, you will find that many celebrities, particularly professional athletes, are fascinated by the excellent options. Other than being one of the wealthiest cities in the world, the idea that it offers a sense of exclusive reach makes it an ideal choice. Some of the things that form the selling point of Miami include the vibrant nightlife, serene environment and essential high-end amenities such as docks.

Why Professional Athletes Find Miami Beach an Excellent Choice

Over time, there have been several professional athletes that have immersed themselves in absorbing the luxury that Miami Beach has to offer. Each athlete, including, Lebron James (who sold his property after he stopped playing for the Heat), Dwayne Wade (who just put his home in the market), and Floyd Mayweather, have embraced different aspects and created a home.

Tremendous Space

Homes in this area are endowed with enough space to provide you with the level of luxury you crave. There is a vast array of choices on what type of house you want and the choice is determined by several factors, such as the number of people to inhabit the space.

The diversity in structure and composition is evident in the celebrity’s homes. Lebron James’ home contained six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms, while Floyd Mayweather’s home has five bedrooms and bathrooms.


The essence of buying any dream home is to turn it into the perfect manifestation of your vision. The homes owned by these celebrities depict a specific sense of uniqueness which expresses who they are and the activities they enjoy.

Dwayne Wade invested incredibly in renovating and crafting his home to reflect his dream home. His house has a wine room, game room, home theater, swimming pool, tennis, and a basketball court. His home showcases his athletic side.

Floyd Mayweather’s home is unique in its build, especially since it is not considered to be in adherence to the Mediterranean and Pacific inspiration trend in the area. He has a beautiful floating staircase, vaulted interiors, and a magnificent chef’s kitchen.

Breathtaking Views

The glory of Miami Beach is embedded in its fantastic view and meticulous environment. There is an inclusion of several outdoor features to ensure that the real estate industry adequately showcases the beauty of the city. These may range from the high-end kitchen in Floyd Mayweather’s house or the infinity pool in the Lebron James house. Dwayne Wade’s home has a great pool that overlooks the beauty of the beach.

All in all, the added advantage of a deck and a dock in the homes give them a boost in the real estate market.

Great Market Growth

The increasing number of people that are interested in living in Miami Beach contribute to bringing up the property value. For instance, Dwayne Wade bought his home at $10.65M and put it in the market for $32.5M. However, it is essential to note that this massive increase in pricing is because he invested incredibly in renovations.

The desired level of luxury for the buyer determines how much they pay for the home. While Floyd Mayweather purchased his home for $7.7 million, Lebron’s was worth $13.4 million. The difference in pricing is also based on location and size.