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Picking The Best Realtor in Miami in 2021: Top 10 Tips

Picking the Best Realtor in Miami - Top 10 Tips to Find the best Miami real estate agent

If you are trying to buy or sell a home, you must have asked yourself about getting the best realtor in Miami to conclude your deal. A search on the internet will showcase rave reviews of realtors. But is that enough? You may therefore decide to try peer recommendations. A family or friend might have worked with someone they found as their best fit. But, does that in any way sound like that restaurant or movie they also suggested and which didn’t work out for you? Hence, when it comes to your luxury property, is that the way you want to go?

High-end properties are an even more delicate area of this market, since there are big bucks involved. It’s therefore crucial that you do that extra bit of research when choosing your realtor. We’re here to help and have compiled our top tips for you to find the best one for you.

What are The Top 10 Tips for Picking The Best Realtor in Miami?

Neighborhoods and Communities

Miami Beach is composed of a wide variety of different neighborhoods, each with its unique characteristics and qualities. These harbor a number of gated communities, each within a location and price category. Among some of the most known are South Beach, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Coral Gables and Sunny Isles Beach. If you are yet to decide which one of these localities befit your desires and budget, only the best Miami real estate agent can help. They will guide you towards the best options, based on your lifestyle and property requirements.

Types of Property

South Florida offers a gamut of options in real estate. You can choose from sublime oceanfront condos, cozzy townhouses, oceanview penthouses or lavish waterfront villas. Whether your choice is a high-tech home, or one with cutting-edge sports installations, it will be your realtor’s task to provide the finest available selection. Thes Best Realtor in Miami will demonstrate experience and have an ample inventory for each category of properties.

Market Segment

There are property types, but also property segments. For example, in Miami Beach, you can find properties in hotel buildings, as well as residential buildings, or single-family homes. The best Miami real estate agent will be one that understands the distinctions in these segments and can guide you to choose from them. It’s worth noting that some realtors specialize in specific segments.

Price Range

You need to ensure that you are choosing a realtor that operates within your price range. For instance, if you have a budget of 10 to 12 million dollars, you would be wise to pick an agent who has a track record of sales in that scale and more. Only agents with that type of experience can provide the best property listings to suit your luxurious budget.

Ethics and Integrity

The best Miami real estate agent will naturally have a flawless reputation. Choose someone with top standards in ethics, particularly if your property transaction is a lucrative one. When considering investing your hard-earned money, you cannot do without someone of absolute trust. Therefore a realtor great and true recommendations and reviews is your safest bet. They will come with solid references and presentation cards, which you can verify with either the National Association of Realtors or the real estate company which they work for.

After Sales Service

Buying a home doesn’t end with the payment process. You may decide to make adjustments and alterations or find providers for different needs before moving into your new residence. The best realtor in Miami will support you through this transition and provide recommendations for a variety of services. Whether tax experts, interior designers, general contractors, handymen or the like. A good realtor will propose trusted collaborators who can offer value-for-money solutions.

Selling a Home

People need a realtor not only to buy a home but also to sell one. It may come as a surprise that it is of equal importance to choose the best real estate agent when selling your luxury property. The benefits of this are multifold. Primarily, it means that the agent will evaluate your estate as per the actual market trends. An over-estimation or under-estimation of your property is a mistake you want to avoid. You thus need the most accurate estimation possible so that your listing can easily be marketed.


Realtors are people and come in all shapes and sizes. Some you will like, others you won’t. You can trust energy in a real estate transaction and make sure to pick the best realtor in Miami whose personality matches yours. Buying or selling a property can take a lot longer than you expect. You therefore need to be sure the realtor you choose is the one you want for the long-haul. You need this person as a close confidante, in whom you can trust to discuss your investment and counsel you towards making the best possible decision. A good way of sizing up a potential realtor is by visiting their website and checking out presentation videos. You will get a good feel of what this person can do for you and decide whether this is the right personality fit.

Online Presence

Websites are gold mines when it comes to finding out more about your new realtor. They should be able to tell you a lot about their character and how knowledgeable they are about their listings. Look out for well-documented websites with great property galleries, descriptions, useful posts and articles. A well-built blog and a solid social media presence, whether on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. If you like the digital identity of the realtor, you are likely to like them in person as well.


The old adage of ‘trust your gut’ works wonders here. It may sound cliché, but it’s as good as any advice you can get. Ask yourself whether you would trust this potential realtor with your millions? If you have made it so far on the path of success, it must be because of your sound judgment along the way. So, trust yourself to know what is good for you and that most definitely applies to a realtor too.

If you’ve read us so far, it’s because you are looking to either buy or sell a property and need help to do so. We hope our tips above will lead you to find the best Miami real estate agent. In the meantime, contact Ivan and Mike. They could indeed be your best match.

Mike and Ivan are star sales team in luxury properties at Compass, with over 15 years of experience selling multimillion homes in South Florida. They have worked with a cadre of exclusive clients of very refined real estate requirements who have certainly found in them, the best realtors in Miami.

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