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Mike and Ivan’s multi-million-dollar partnership with Vida Jets

Mike and Ivan multi-million-dollar partnership with Vida Jets

With the utmost pride we announce our new, exclusive multi-million-dollar partnership with Vida Jets. Vida jets is the world’s premier jet specialist. that cater specifically to a distinguished clientele. We have partnered with them because the level of service they provide matches the level of service we provide as well.  Moreover, Vida Jets has a vast portfolio of charter options and a multitude of international destinations. They have flown premium services to over 5134 cities, many of which were tailor-made. By uniting our forces, we ensure our clients benefit from a stress-free white-glove experience from start to finish. 

Mike and Ivan partnership with Vida JetsJet Traveler is one of the Vida Jets services, provided through a no-membership jet charter firm. This company has access to entire fleets of approved aircrafts. Moreover, it’s very easy to get a quote by simply entering details and requirements to receive various options. Once the client gets their quote, a Jet Specialist liaises with them to go over the specificities of their logistics. The Specialist will help the guest with every minute detail of their plan, down to the most personal requirements. Vida Jets uses cutting-edge technology to personalize its service. It has therefore become a pioneer in this brand of private aviation services.

The JetAnother innovative tool by Vida Jets is its Jet Card service. Vida Altitudes is a membership deal whereby customers can be part of a network of fast, friendly and readily-available aircrafts. These include: helicopter, turbo-props, light to heavy jets, Airbus & Boeing business jets and air ambulances. Moreover the company has an Aircraft on Ground or AOG service. This means that they provide solutions when an aircraft is grounded and not given clearance to fly. Vida Jets makes certain customers get to their intended destination, with no further delay or detours. What’s more, Vida Jets has a Concierge Service which not only sees to your best flight experience, it can also arrange for further facilities prior to departure, or from your destination. These include gourmet-catering and luxury ground transfers.

Vida JetsThe beauty of teaming up with Vida Jets is that many of our own clients are from the northern part of the United States. They often fly to their holiday homes in Miami from places including New York, New Jersey and Washington. We also welcome many Canadian customers from cities such as Toronto and Montreal. Our partnership with Vida Jets is precisely to facilitate our clients’ transfers from such distant locations. This is particularly important in current times, with COVID19 still impacting travel. Our endeavor is to provide safe flying options for our clientele, through charter flights where they can either travel alone or only with their loved ones. They can therefore maintain social distancing by avoiding crowded flights and airport terminals. Our promise

Multitude of international destinations

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