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Bal Harbour: Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of Miami

Bal Harbour Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of Miami

Ocean-rimmed opulence embodies the exclusive Bal Harbour, a belt of prime shoreline which combines the exotic with pleasure and purpose. It merges style and elegance in all of its tropical luxuriance. From its exquisite resorts to its boutiques and brasseries, the village is designed with sheer luxury in mind. The infrastructure is not only state-of-the-art but contours the palm groves and coastline delicately. A jet-set hideaway throughout its history, allow us to give you this guided tour of this Atlantic gem, which is sure to spur your desire for this destination.

Bal Harbour Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of MiamiAbout Bal Harbour Location

Location, location, location… says the old adage. Perching its pristine beaches on an entire ocean brought to your feet. Bal Harbour is the definition of a lavish location. A mere half-hour from central Miami, Bal Harbour leaves the mundane and merry behind… which you can revert to at a time of your choosing. Here, the oceanic wonderland binds with the best in gastronomy, design, art, and leisure for you to abandon yourself to a myriad of senses.

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Room with a view

Whether a resort or residence is the accommodation of preference, Bal Harbour boasts not only retreat and privacy, but a view at any cost. Whether your yearning is to be suspended over the azure, from the floating heights of condominiums, or nested on a white, buffed beach, all wishes are commands at Bal Harbour. The variety of high-end, luxury hotels, and plush, private homes are sure to cater to your perfect resort experience.


The sea is for savoring and its flavors abound in Bal Harbour. Tantalizing taste buds is an art and savoir-faire at the village’s sumptuous restaurants. Experience tropical delicacy and delight, as the cuisines juxtapose mojitos, virgin or not, to satisfy your every culinary whim and fancy.

Art de Vivre

Leisure is a way of life at Bal Harbour. Curate yourself a leisurely stay… whether you choose pictures and pastels or science and sculpture. As the district is an active adherent of the Miami Art Museums, guests at Bal Harbour are invited to discover its artistic scene. But, whether the history of art deco or the appeal of golf greens, the village will not rest until you do. It will endeavor to keep you entertained, through its alleys and galleries, designed to showcase the most pleasurable sights for your eyes.


Step back in time and allow your mind to roam to the suave sentiments of the sixties. This gallery of shops lines up the greatest names of refined taste and quality. An oasis of options, whether in couture, jewelry, art, or antiques, the shops have a gamut of artifacts to suit your most extravagant fancies.

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If you’re looking for an experience where lavishness is endless, look no further. Whether the manicured topography, structures of grandeur, residences and resorts that are beyond upmarket, your search has ended here. Bal Harbour continues to have the most impressive guest list, given its sheer dedication to comfort and finery. The neighborhood is one which demands surrender to life’s most simple, but also most sumptuous pleasures. It’s a haven of stars, the abode of the favored, and the most exquisite of upscale realty for your relish.