Eighty Seven Park is not only a unique place, it is an incomparable opportunity to live a dream lifestyle in Miami Beach. This construction was built to gather the best of the city in one, magnificent place where the park meets the ocean, and where people get a privileged look at the dazzling beach just a few steps from home.

Eighty Seven Park is not only the hottest building in Miami Beach right now, but it is the portrayal of the coolest lifestyle many people wish they could live every day. Additionally, it is a sign of the growing investment this zone has been having in the last years, giving the area the preeminence of an important landmark, not only in the city but in the whole state and even in the country.

Located in the mythic Collins Avenue, Eighty Seven Park is a project that has not only the best view and an unbeatable location where, just a few yards away, residents and visitors get the chance to eat the most delicious food in the most popular and bold restaurants that are making a name in the gastronomic scene in Miami.

One of the main attractions of this project is the initiative to proudly stand out the important role the green scenery plays in the spot where the building is located, as well as all over Miami; the connection of the urban and cosmopolitan essence with the local nature and foliage that represents the identity of the most remarkable and visited places in Florida.

The “green” feature of Eighty Seven Park goes beyond fitting in the area, it also has an important function: reducing the footprint of the building by creating more spaces where nature and botanics are the main attractions, besides the hypnotizing views from Harding Avenue and Collins Avenue towards the ocean.

Just 18 stories closer to the sky, where there 70 perfect residences are located, allowing the fortunate homeowners to have everything they need to live a fantastic experience every day from the comfort of their home. An unobstructed view of the ocean? Checked. An exclusive wine cellar where I can have a glass of my favorite wine with a private sommelier? Checked. A lush spa and salon wellness a few stairs from a distance to take care of my mind, body, and soul? Checked. Feeling the breeze of the ocean when I wake up? Checked. A concierge and butler service that keeps in mind my own personal needs and gives me personalized service? Checked. A comfortable and quiet retreat to have a pleasant reading and escape from the digital world? Checked. A year-round botanical exhibition just across my doorway? Checked. A private garden to engage in nature’s vibrations? Checked. An exclusive grab n’ go of specialty juices? Checked, checked, checked!

The amenities of Eighty Seven Park seem to be endless: 24-hour security and concierge, amazingly designed sundecks that integrate the outdoor-indoor living mix, flooring made of Natural Oak planks or natural stone, natural stone countertops and backsplashes, two oceanfront swimming pools, and beach service, poolside cabanas, state of the art fitness center, a curated art collection throughout lobby and garden, botanical exhibitions and an on-site botanist, a business (SMART) Center, designated “Resident’s Key” for Private Park and private picnics in the park accessible only to owners. All of these extraordinary benefits are exclusively for you, so you can admire the beauty of Miami from the comfort of your amazing home.

Developed with Renzo Piano, a Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Eighty Seven Park captures eloquently the perfect fusion of the botanical beauty with a glamorous and sophisticated living experience, bringing together the complexity of architecture, design, and the magnificence of the natural landscape.

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Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach Amenities


It brings a singular welcome to both residents and guests, where they will be surrounded by the most select ambiance of plants and variated botanical species, which have been carefully chosen to have a wide spectrum of the characteristic species that grow in this location.

This sort of greenhouse place offers the best indoor-outdoor experience, incorporating the outside world within the inside and giving this space a refreshed look and vibe.

On the interior, plants and their picturesque pots are the stars of the place, giving a more than warm welcome to people to a harmonious spot they will call home.

Concierge & Butler Service

Based on offering a personalized service experience, this service is to every resident’s reach since they can access via their iPhone and/or iPad to book different accommodations and specialties, including entry and exit assistance and maintenance of residence while away (for instance, watering plants, holding mail or deliveries, and secure and supervise access to authorized personnel).

These services are tailored to dwellers’ special and personal needs and the personalized level of service will be offered according to residence type.

This constant development personal relationship with the homeowner consists in providing a variety of services, starting with a daily greeting upon their arrival by name, and getting to a detailed understanding of their regular schedule, likes, and dislikes.

Residents will be able to reserve different services including:

  • Restaurant reservations
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Tickets to theatre, museum, movies, art galleries
  • Baby-sitting service
  • Car/limo service
  • Coordinate car wash/maintenance upon request
  • Light groceries upon request (maximum 15 items).


This is the perfect spot for a relaxed yet fun and chic atmosphere where people can come here to get an aromatic glass of wine after a long workday or just to set up the mood for a fantastic evening and night. The selection of the vineyard is beyond exquisite with a plethora of flavors and essences to choose from, thanks to the wise guidance from a personal sommelier.

There is a selection of over 100 wines, with a limited production of seasonal wines. Also, people will get the chance to have a tropical outdoor tasting room in the private garden that surrounds the Enoteca, as well as special events hosted by different renowned vineyards to always discover a new flavor and brand.

Dwellers can also come to the Enoteca to order a refined supply of wine to their home in case they have a special occasion to celebrate, which can be ordered by iPad or iPhone, or to enjoy an intimate wine tasting moment with friends and family members, accompanying their choice with delicious catered canapés and tapas.

But the fun does not end in the wine since this place has a corner perfectly coupled to harbor self-cultivated herbs by the official Eighty-Seven Park botanist. Among these aromatic plants, people can find Rosemary, Mint, and Basil to name a few; mandatory ingredients to create magnificent cocktail combinations and other festive drinks.


The library gallery represents a comfortable and delicate ambiance to escape from the noise of Miami Beach, offering reading enthusiasts a calming location to enjoy a good read, with a wide books collection curated by a specialized off-site librarian.

Among the variety of subjects, homeowners will find some of the most illustrious award-winning publications of design and architecture and an interesting best sellers collection. Likewise, people can delight in the exclusive book signing events, and they can also request special books and topics by iPad or iPhone to facilitate the reading habit inside this amazing high-rise.

Botanical Exhibition

The contact with nature is truly important at Eighty-Seven Park and the Botanical Exhibition is the depiction of this tribute to the environment, with a twist of elegance and refinement.

Dwellers can delight in this year-round exhibition, which will take place in the interior lobby spaces, adding a distinctive element and a unique essence to the building. There will be a gallery that will capture the best blossoming moments of the plants that grew in this location.

This display will be curated regularly, and it will feature a variety of botanic species, from the native plants of the area, as well as the finest and rarest specimens, including an extraordinary collection of orchids, gorgeous bonsais, and petit Cactus, giving life to the inert materials used to build the structure.

International Salon

This ultra-luxurious salon was created to offer the most stylish space, with a personalized and peaceful atmosphere to indulge in a high-quality beauty treatment. Here, residents will get to enjoy the advisory of a renowned stylist and an invited esthetician, the best hair care products, personal consultations, and dermatological treatments, including facials and microdermabrasion. These impressive services can also be reserved by iPhone and iPad.

Soul Center Spa

A sanctuary for the mind, the body, and the soul, it is the ideal place for taking a relaxation experience to the next level. A personalized moment for each resident, comprised of various treatments and carefully created according to their requests and needs.

Fortunate tenants will embark on a gratifying soothing journey of health coaching, meditation, brain fitness, insightful talks and techniques, and the most relaxing massages ever. Other services to full pampering include spa manicure and pedicure, paraffin treatments, footbaths, waxing, and hair and lash extensions. These lovely experiences can be booked via iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand, at Soul Center Spa, people will get to enjoy a gym component that features state-of-the-art, modern equipment, challenging boot camp sessions, group walking and running sessions, outdoor classes, and personal trainer.

Children’s Playbox & Youth Rec Room

These two creative locations are one of the main reasons why Eighty Seven Park is the ideal home building for families in Miami Beach since children and teenagers will also have an exclusive area for them to be entertained and actively engaged in several activities. In addition, parents can rest assured with their children’s homework thanks to the homework supervision service, which is available by appointment.

The most important features of this room include a cool movie corner, an art station for the artistic kids, a children’s library with a reading area, activity tables, computer and Xbox stations.

Outdoor Pavilion & Event Space

This delightful private garden grabs the best of the outdoor ambiance, adding a touch of elegance to match residents’ and visitors’ expectations and standards. This space is the epitome of freshness and peace, a magnificent sensory experience that takes the best of the landscape and makes it an unforgettable moment for people.

Here, people can listen to relaxing music, have a morning meditation, or enjoy a Tai Chi session, read an engaging book, or just contemplate and admire the fantastic natural surroundings.

This place is also an event space where weekly and monthly people will get to enjoy an interesting event agenda, including moonlight concerts, a cool movie under the stars, as well as relaxing meditation sessions like Zen, yoga, and Pilates. Additionally, there will be a weekly salon featuring artists, musicians, and writers, and monthly lecture series and poetry readings, activities scheduled to keep exploring dwellers’ artistic side.

Gardening lovers will also get their chance to appreciate a monthly exhibition with lectures and hosted exploration and discovery sessions of gardens and seasonal vignettes to get in touch with their passion.

Other special events at this remarkable event space feature family picnics, cocktail receptions, live performances, and a children’s play area for families to share quality time.

Fugo Bar

This tropical setting with a privileged ocean view and pool nearness is not only a place to grab freshly made juice on a sunny day, but also a site to relish a wholesome, organic snack or a delicious salad to keep healthy nutrition.

At Fugo Bar, eating healthy is a pleasure! Tenants will have a diverse menu to choose the best ingredients: seasonal and exotic fruits, tasty yogurts, clean vegetables, and creamy smoothies. These mouthwatering options can be delivered to every household or be picked up rapidly via iPhone or iPad.

Pool & Cabanas

Carefully designed to offer a paradisiac experience, where this space amalgamates effortlessly with the imponent ocean views. This gorgeous landscape features safe and elegant decks that float above the surrounding water features and the two swimming pools, placing cabanas along the pool’s edge to get the best views.

Functionality is the word that best represents this amenity since it has shower areas, pool and beach towel service, massage services, beach lounge chairs and umbrellas, picnic lawn areas, water sports options, and private gardens.

Cabanas are not only placed there for homeowners’ comfort but also to provide them the most impeccable white-glove service so their time by the pool will become an unmatched luxury experience. Some requests from residents can include fresh fruit, reading materials, chilled towels, or a fancy cocktail to unwind.

Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach Residence Features


Were developed with select materials to emphasize the natural connection to the building. That is why on every resident people will find American oak, Italian stone, and crystal-clear walls of glass, adding a touch of elegance to each household.


are one of the main stars of each home, thanks to its generous size and wraparound shape, connecting effortlessly the indoors and outdoors ambiances and getting the best ocean views.

The great room

was designed with one purpose: to maximize the stunning views of the ocean and the beach. An extremely clear spot to unwind in a generous space, perfect to share some family moments or simply to live entertaining moments.

The kitchens

The amazing outdoor summer kitchens will grab everyone’s attention thanks to the natural stone countertops and the impressive Italian cabinetry with glass doors, giving this place a sophisticated touch.

Master bedrooms

Airy and spacious rooms, with direct access to the terraces, bedrooms at Eighty Seven Park are the definition of comfort and full rest.

The master bathroom

A sanctuary that looks like a work of art, where lavish textures and European materials are the main elements to make this dream come true.

Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach Location and Directions

Fact Sheet for Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach

  • Neighborhood: Miami Beach
  • Address:  8701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154
  • Developer: Terra Group
  • Architect:  Renzo Piano
  • Year Built: 2020
  • Total Floors: 18
  • Total Units:  64
  • Unit Sizes: 1,018 to 4,140 Sq. Ft.

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