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The Ongoing Transformation of Coconut Grove

The Ongoing Transformation of Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove, once a destitute commercial hub of obsolete shopping trends, such as the traditional chain hamburger spots and generic retailers, has become the central focus for trendy investors and entrepreneurs. The place is becoming an urban sprawl of niche market restaurants and shops, which will be sustained by its expected increase in mid to high-income office workers. This expectation is because the neighborhood recently built multi-storied high-rise office buildings near its shopping centers, among other investments in office spaces. This new breed of office workers has unique demands that are shaping the destiny of the modern urban sprawl.

The Ongoing Transformation of Coconut Grove

A new Urban Sprawl

Urban planners are designing the city in such a way that all functions of the city complement and feed off of one another. The idea is that a compact city with all amenities, such as health centers, gyms, and exclusive service, will attract high skilled office workers into a once desolate neighborhood. Also, the crucial buildings for a thriving economy, namely the office high rise and condos, is situated in streets that allow for easy access by car and foot. Multi-story buildings allow for a variety of businesses to populate the area with convenient and unique products and services that attract this new generation of office workers.

Home values are going up as more businesses invest in the area, and residents move in with the idea of living a successful, trendy lifestyle. This is transforming Coconut Grove quickly because many companies are beginning to compete for a share of the property in this locality.

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Out with the Old

Before the modern developments began, the Coconut Grove area was focused more on tourism with its malls, hotels, and beachside resorts. Now, those amenities are being refaced with condos and office structures with a sleek, modern architectural design.

The deconstruction of the CoCo walk mall means that there is less demand for generic shopping products that many traditional companies offer for more niche-based service demands such as fashion eyeglass shops offering at-home delivery. The shops will no longer pile their inventory with products but will showcase the value of expensive items to pull in customers, instead of pushing their products with frequent discounts.

These new-age office workers are attracted to aesthetics and quality. They want to work at locations that reflect that value. This is the reason why architects are spending generous sums of capital to give the office buildings a modern and unique look. For instance, the new office building that will replace the pavilion of the CoCo walk shopping mall will boast a sleek Mediterranean look to establish is individuality, apart from other buildings. This will motivate employees to work and businesses to set up shop.

Modernizing the Living Experience

Instead of building individual residential houses, urban planners have decided to build high-rise condominiums. This allows for maximizing the capacity for the influx of new residents. These ideas will also allow aspiring residents to establish their permanence in the city without worrying about being evicted.

Condominiums integrate valuable amenities, such as spas and community halls, to connect the members of the vertical village. This gives the busy office workers to wind down, relax, and enjoy the company of their neighbors in a positive, friendly, and comfortable environment.

Developers kept in mind the aesthetic needs of the new generation office worker when implementing their design. The new Terra Group’s Grove condominium at Grand Bay boasts a fascinating spiral tower design with much of the surface covered in glass panes. This reflects modern architectural trends as newly built high rise buildings become more complex.