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Waldorf Astoria, the highest skyscraper in Miami is launching sales

Waldorf Astoria, the highest skyscraper in Miami is launching sales

The condo market in Downtown Miami is shaking because the Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami is now launching sales.

Developed by New York-based Property Markets Group, in partnership with Greybrook Securities and Greybrook Realty Partners, Waldorf Astoria represents the arrival of an illustrious building where luxurious lifestyle and modern architecture are part of the essence of this residential masterpiece.

With over 100 stories, Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami will become the tallest residential tower in the South Florida area, in addition to becoming the first Waldorf Astoria development in the state.

The eclectic design made by architect Carlos Ott in collaboration with architect Sieger Suarez, which gives the impression of a stack of nine uneven glass cubes, will bring the attention of both visitors and homeowners, besides the impressive 1,049 feet height the project will have, beating the current record withholder: The Panorama Tower, with a height of 868 feet distributed in 85 stories. This mixed-use luxury rental, hotel, office, and retail high-rise was built in 2018 by Florida East Coast Realty and is situated in the financial district of Brickell.

Waldorf Astoria, the highest skyscraper in Miami is launching salesWaldorf Astoria will be located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard, in the heart of Downtown Miami, where the entertainment is within everybody’s reach, no matter people’s age, interests, or purpose of their visit to Miami. And the Waldorf Astoria is also guided by this premise since there is a special place for everyone who arrives in this luxury tower, looking for a full relaxation and leisure experience with the highest comfort and magnificence standards.

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This gorgeous lavish high-rise will feature 360 private residential condo units with floor-to-ceiling windows that are the best gazer to get the most astounding panorama of the city’s skyline and ocean. Natural light will enter from every corner, bringing a special touch to each space and giving residents the impression that they live in the clouds, almost literally.

On the other hand, Waldorf Astoria will include a 5-star hotel, with 205 ultra-luxury hotel rooms and suites operated by Hilton Management Properties, offering visitors the stay of their lives, making each one of them feel like the most important guest. This sophisticated hotel will be placed on the first three “cubes” of the building, while the private condo properties will be above them.

In terms of amenities, the residential tower will feature the Peacock Alley lounge, a signature restaurant to discover new tastes and ingredients; a resort-style swimming pool deck with lovely cabanas to hang out; a lavish spa to relax from a crazy day; a fully-equipped fitness center to get in shape and indoor and outdoor event spaces that mix effortlessly in this modern architectural wonder.

As to the prices for these attractive units, they will start at $1 million, and $1,100 per square foot, increasing up to about $2,500 a square foot, depending on the location of the property in the building. And the sales will not disappoint if we consider the strong sales market there is in Miami and South Florida, where developers have been launching hot, new South Florida condo projects in the past few months, citing an important increase in high-end home sales.

Buying one of the luxury condo units of the Waldorf Astoria is, in fact, a once in a lifetime opportunity for people from all over the world and within the United States, who put in this project the hopes to start a new chapter in their lives in one of the most vibrant and growing cities in the world, with the backing of the brand Waldorf Astoria, a synonym of elegance, top-class service, and reassurance.

Miami continues to prosper as a top global destination to live and the interest big brands have in developing their presence in this town is the clearest signal, where Waldorf Astoria will transform completely the iconic skyline.

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Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences Miami: Redefining Miami’s Skyline

Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences Miami

Miami’s skyline is about to change radically thanks to a new construction located over Biscayne Bay. This awaited project will mark a milestone in the city’s architecture and will introduce one of the most important 5-star hotel brands in the world: Waldorf Astoria.

These two important events are proof of the value that Miami represents to investors in real estate and to remarkable brands that are interested in having a presence in this town; representing more opportunities for the inhabitants and visitors of the city to live unforgettable experiences and contribute to the vigorous’ town economy.

The ultramodern design of the building will draw the attention of everybody from any angle and point in the city and beyond, due to its resemblance to a pile of unevenly stacked glass cubes and its astounding 1,049 feet height, making it the tallest in South Florida, surpassing the Panorama Tower in Brickell (848 feet tall). But this skyscraper is not only going to be a luxurious hotel managed and operated by the Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts brand, but it will also include stunning residences with a great view, located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard, in the heart of Miami.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences MiamiThe project, named Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences Miami, was designed back in 2017 by the Miami-based firm Sieger Suarez Architects, and it is being co-developed by New York-based real estate firm Property Markets Group (PMG), Toronto’s Greybrook Realty Partners, along with local S2 Development.

PMG has several years of experience in full-service development in acquisitions, renovations, financing, commercial and marketing operations, and residential real estate. It has completed over 85 residential buildings in New York, Florida, and Chicago and over 150 real estate projects in the USA. In recent years, PMG has completed another project in the Miami area and it is also the developer of X Miami (now open), a 464-apartment rental tower at 230 NE Fourth Street, which offers rent-by-bedroom apartments pitched at millennials and young adults.

The interest of development companies in Miami continues to grow and as PMG principal Ryan Shear said in a press release: “the city continues to thrive as a top global destination with increasing arts, culture, tourism, fashion and luxury brands. This partnership is a major milestone for Miami’s real estate and hospitality industries.”

And it is no surprise that this property stands out in the real estate portfolio thanks to its sophisticated design and its unmatched amenities, such as the 800,000 SF distributed in 94 floors, 400 condo residences, a 140-key 5-star hotel, luxurious restaurants, and exclusive stores.

The residential tower, dubbed 300 Biscayne, is set to be located in the booming Brickell financial district, and it will become the right place to spend a luxurious holiday or to find a great location to live, surrounded by the best view and the vibrant spirit of the modern downtown Miami. The attractive location, thanks to its connection with every neighborhood, makes this property even more worth-having for people interested in living in a project full of enriching experiences and places.

The construction marks the debut of the Waldorf Astoria brand in the city, to expand the luxury brand. “Miami — a vibrant, dynamic, and truly cosmopolitan destination that draws travelers from all over the world — is the perfect market for our iconic Waldorf Astoria brand”, said Danny Hughes, area president of the Americas, for Hilton Management Services, owner of the WA brand and worldwide leader in the hotel industry. Hilton Hotels already operates in the state of Florida with two properties in Boca Raton, two in Key West, and one in Orlando.

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On the other hand, Peter Politis, Greybrook Realty Partners CEO, stated that the joined work with Hilton Hotels raises the standard of the real estate market and this mixed-use development offers a new first-class experience to the future residents and guests of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Residences Miami.

In the meantime, Miami residents and visitors will have to wait for the grand opening of this long-awaited construction, but it will definitely be worth it and it will change for the better the skyline of this magical town.

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