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Bal Harbour: Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of Miami

Bal Harbour Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of Miami

Ocean-rimmed opulence embodies the exclusive Bal Harbour, a belt of prime shoreline which combines the exotic with pleasure and purpose. It merges style and elegance in all of its tropical luxuriance. From its exquisite resorts to its boutiques and brasseries, the village is designed with sheer luxury in mind. The infrastructure is not only state-of-the-art but contours the palm groves and coastline delicately. A jet-set hideaway throughout its history, allow us to give you this guided tour of this Atlantic gem, which is sure to spur your desire for this destination.

Bal Harbour Lavishness and Luxury Near the Heart of MiamiAbout Bal Harbour Location

Location, location, location… says the old adage. Perching its pristine beaches on an entire ocean brought to your feet. Bal Harbour is the definition of a lavish location. A mere half-hour from central Miami, Bal Harbour leaves the mundane and merry behind… which you can revert to at a time of your choosing. Here, the oceanic wonderland binds with the best in gastronomy, design, art, and leisure for you to abandon yourself to a myriad of senses.

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Room with a view

Whether a resort or residence is the accommodation of preference, Bal Harbour boasts not only retreat and privacy, but a view at any cost. Whether your yearning is to be suspended over the azure, from the floating heights of condominiums, or nested on a white, buffed beach, all wishes are commands at Bal Harbour. The variety of high-end, luxury hotels, and plush, private homes are sure to cater to your perfect resort experience.


The sea is for savoring and its flavors abound in Bal Harbour. Tantalizing taste buds is an art and savoir-faire at the village’s sumptuous restaurants. Experience tropical delicacy and delight, as the cuisines juxtapose mojitos, virgin or not, to satisfy your every culinary whim and fancy.

Art de Vivre

Leisure is a way of life at Bal Harbour. Curate yourself a leisurely stay… whether you choose pictures and pastels or science and sculpture. As the district is an active adherent of the Miami Art Museums, guests at Bal Harbour are invited to discover its artistic scene. But, whether the history of art deco or the appeal of golf greens, the village will not rest until you do. It will endeavor to keep you entertained, through its alleys and galleries, designed to showcase the most pleasurable sights for your eyes.


Step back in time and allow your mind to roam to the suave sentiments of the sixties. This gallery of shops lines up the greatest names of refined taste and quality. An oasis of options, whether in couture, jewelry, art, or antiques, the shops have a gamut of artifacts to suit your most extravagant fancies.

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If you’re looking for an experience where lavishness is endless, look no further. Whether the manicured topography, structures of grandeur, residences and resorts that are beyond upmarket, your search has ended here. Bal Harbour continues to have the most impressive guest list, given its sheer dedication to comfort and finery. The neighborhood is one which demands surrender to life’s most simple, but also most sumptuous pleasures. It’s a haven of stars, the abode of the favored, and the most exquisite of upscale realty for your relish.

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Ivan Chorney’s Take on The Luxury Real Estate Market With Covid-19


Ivan Chorney
Partner Ivan and Mike Team
ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

So, Real Estate in Miami I would say it’s a 95% stand step, things that were already in the pipeline, things that were already in motion, those businesses are closing. So if you get an email from your realtor like “Just Sold”, those deals were in the pipeline before. I don’t think we are fooling anybody that things are steaming along over here in Miami with Real Estate, and I don’t think they pretty much are anywhere in the world right now.

And that makes sense. As an investor myself I’m putting that (investment) on hold for the moment. To put a 20% investment on a piece of property when I don’t quite know what is going on doesn’t seem like the right thing to do right now.

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I think there will be a moment of opportunity just like the stock market, but nobody has a crystal ball. We don’t know if we are at the bottom of the “stock market”, we do know that there was a huge dip, and for people who bought on that dip they might be seeing some danger right now.

So I think it’s going to be very similar here in the Miami Real Estate Market. I also think there will be a window of opportunity, and you are going to see discounts that go anywhere from 15% to 20%. Perhaps if this goes longer, if we continue in this roller-coaster of Covid-19 where we get quarantined, and then released and then quarantined again, I think that is going to elongate things. You might see discounts in certain buildings in some areas that have a little bit more supply. You might see discounts up to 30%.

Everything is hyper-local and whenever I am talking to clients and friends I tell them that is the most hyper-local market out there. Miami you have South Beach, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Sunny Isles; even in South Beach you have these micro-markets like Sunset Harbour, South Of Fifth, Venetian Islands, Coconut Grove. So what happens will depend a lot on how things go with Covid-19, if things go roller-coaster and the behavior of specific markets. The Miami Riviera from South Beach to Bal Harbour always seem to stand tall during the tough times.

Se Also Ivan’s Home Office During Covid-19:

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Top 5 Fitness and Sports Activities Wealthy People do in Bal Harbour

Top 5 Fitness and Sports Activities Wealthy People do in Bal Harbour

If you are a wealthy snowbird living in NYC, Chicago, Pittsburg, and other cold winter cities, making the migration to Miami for months every year, you know Bal Harbour for sure. It’s that narrow enclave just south of Sunny Isles that’s home to a select group of privileged people who prefer to live an opulent but under-the-radar lifestyle. Unlike its more ostentatious northerly neighbor with futuristic skyscrapers reaching sixty-eight stories and higher, Bal Harbour is the location for relatively low-rise but iconic developments. The Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour (previously Bal Harbour-One) bordering an amazing blue-water inlet to the sea, and St. Regis Bal Harbour Hotel and Residences are world-famous. So what do Bal Harbour residents do for exercise and fitness once they leave their front door?

Top 5 Fitness and Sports Activities Wealthy People do in Bal Harbour

An array of fitness activities only downstairs.

Well, in many cases, they don’t even have to step outside of the building. Upscale condo communities feature state-of-the-art health clubs that provide not only technology-centric equipment but also personal trainers and classes to meet every exercise taste. Are you into Pilates? It’s there seven days a week. Also, Zumba, Yoga, and, of course, spinning. Perhaps you’re addicted to cycling but lean more toward privacy? The new Peloton stationary bike is just the thing to keep you engaged. Step up to the saddle on this elite athlete’s designed option with its online App and video screen. Ride with other active Peloton groups live worldwide or through simulated Tour De France stages that traverse the Alps. Measure yourself and keep records on every fitness metric that signifies your health and competitive stature. It’s all the rage right now, attracting a following of opinion-leaders throughout the USA.

Or a few steps in front of your Bal Harbour Residence

Florida’s weather from November to April is on the top of the champagne scale. The opportunity to get out under the sun and experience the state’s gentle sea breezes may be too tempting to miss. Right in front of your Bal Harbour condo, no matter which development you reside in, there’s a paved and packed-sand path ocean-side for runners, walkers, inline skaters, and cyclists. It cost $3 million to construct and stretches for nearly ten miles with little route deviation. For ardent outdoor enthusiasts, there and back with endless sea views is almost marathon distance.

Activities up and down the Miami coastline

Now, while the focus of this article is on the ways the wealthy stay fit, not all the ways they select costs big money to participate. There are Bal Harbour fitness fanatics that regularly get into volleyball games on the sand close to the corner of eighth avenue and Ocean Drive or the numerous meetup groups all along the beachfront. Also, outdoor yoga classes are available daily for only a small donation, even out of season.

Or through the Miami waterway network

Then there’s kayaking as a phenomenal aerobic activity that also gives your arms and legs a complete workout. Many New Yorkers (and there are many) into this start by renting. Eventually, as the bug bites, they can spend over a thousand bucks on a customized, sleek bullet-shaped craft that they oar through the city’s waterways like North Miami Beach’s Oleta State Park, Coral Gable’s Matheson Hammock, and Key Biscayne. That’s not to mention the thousands of canals and tributaries throughout the region.

On rolling parks and other surfaces

Bal Harbour residents, of course, love golf. Unfortunately, playing it in Florida mostly consists of jumping in-and-out of motorized carts, and covering the few miles as a passenger or driver. The exercise factor is limited to swinging the club at the ball as much as hundred-and-something times (with practice swings included), but not a hectic workout by any stretch of the imagination. One iconic “walking” course that’s genuinely challenging, especially to those that are single-figure handicappers, is the Doral Golf Resort and Spa course. It’s a PGA fixture that even the pros fear. Play it for up to $450 per round, including the mandatory caddie. Naturally, private golf with country-club membership is close by at courses like The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club, where equity entry is at $65,000 non-refundable.

Look no further than the Oceana Bal Harbour ( the former Bal Harbour Beach Club) for an active tennis community enjoying two clay courts for minimal impact on knees and leg joints. The site offers a full tennis concierge and coaching service to create a great user experience.

What else is there?

The fitness, exercise, and sports activities covered above focus mostly on health advancement, but of course, there are many options not specifically included here. Swimming, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling at numerous reefs, wave running, and water skiing are aqua-sports at the fingertips of Bal Harbour residents as occasional pastimes or mainstream selections. Having your yacht docked at the Bal Harbour Yacht Club is an easy way to access all the mindblowing resort-like resources Miami Beach has to offer.

If you are considering a residential move to Bal Harbour or any beach location in the close vicinity, look no further than the Ivan and Mike Team for five-star attention and realty advice that’ll save you time and money without compromising your options.

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10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

The pursuit of high-end living is all about a comfortable and splendid lifestyle.  The true connoisseur of luxury is not only looking for top-notch amenities but also that unique edge that showcases their exclusive status and position.

The leaps in technology have allowed builders and creators to come up with truly amazing and genius ideas that take lavish living to the next level. Open spaces and expansive bedroom sizes aren’t enough anymore, with new technology-based amenities on the rise.

It is not only the ease that technology provides but also the culmination of comfort and splendour for the affluent homeowner on the hunt for their palace of peace. So without further grandstanding, here are 10 must-have features your next luxury home needs…

10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

Motion Activated Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is said to be the hearth of the modern home. It is a place where people gather and thus needs to reflect the comfort of the homeowner. Opulent living requires a kitchen that makes your life easier and comfortable. Motion-activated faucets and smart fridges not only make daily tasks feel like a breeze but also make your use of your resources greener and more efficient.

Smart Beds, Smart Mirrors and Smart Showers

High-end home automation is the crux of an affluent lifestyle with every feature accessible and controllable through your smartphone. Smart beds feature plush mattresses whose softness and rigidity can be controlled according to your needs. Luxury Spa bathrooms deliver not only smart showers with multiple faucets, jet styles, and preset preferences but also smart mirrors that track the users’ necessary health information. Towel warmers and heated floors are part and parcel of this package to make your baths feel like royalty.

Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Organic living is not only healthy but also a highly expensive endeavour to undertake. Home-based organic food growing is an option open to only the richest and cultured homeowners. An indoor hydroponic garden can easily be installed even inside the kitchen drawer and allows for the natural growth of all kinds of herbs and micro-greens, making your food journey a truly luxurious one.

Pet Shower

You deserve the very best in home living, and your pet does the same. True luxury extends to not only oneself but also to our beloved pets, who we all love spoiling. A shower designed and constructed specially for your pet is the epitome of comfort and wealth.. Be it your prize-winning Samoyed or your beloved British Shorthairs make your life easier and theirs through the very best in pet care. You’re a star, and we believe your loved pets are too!

Secret Tranquility Room

Successful and highly driven people are by their nature magnets for responsibility. A chic lifestyle is often taxing on your body and mind. A home should define tranquility and peace for you and thus must contain a room built for that purpose. Secret tranquility rooms are tailored to your needs and give you an escape from your hectic and glittering lifestyle. The beauty of a tranquility room is that it can serve several leisurely interests. Make your Fortress of Solitude a game room, massage room, sauna room, or if you’re feeling magnificent, maybe all three!

Dynamic Swimming Pool

Classy living demands the easy availability of a wide range of relaxation options that necessitate the creation of unique pools. A simple pool is a thing of the past; what feels like pure elegance is a pool that transforms your surroundings to the peak of opulence. Dynamic swimming pools not only provide heating options but also give a variety of water movements to make your morning laps feel like an ocean adventure.

Pool Theater

Entertainment rooms are a prerequisite to affluent living with their adoption by the richest a norm these days. The genuinely elite separate themselves from the rest through innovation in comfort. Pool theaters not only give a fun edge to your movie nights but also provide grandeur mixed with bliss. Not only that, but a pool theater gives you more flexibility when it comes to party size and viewing options. Immerse yourself in a genuinely cinematic experience and make your movie nights stand out from the rest. Besides, imagine watching Jaws while you float above the water with the surroundings rife with tension and excitement!

Wine Room

A wine and tasting room is another highly sought after amenity. No longer relegated to hidden underground parts of the house, wine rooms have taken prime placement among luxury homes. Make your wine room a highlight of your kitchen experience by giving it the center stage it deserves. A beautiful wine room must not only contain attractive displays but a wine dispensing system with temperature control.

Walk-in Closet

The definition of magnificence contains the importance of open, expansive spaces in your home. Nothing makes getting ready for a glitzy night more exciting than a walk-in closet featuring complete attires displayed at your pleasure. Living like a King means having a room for your one-of-a-kind fashion sense to shine and be on display. Make getting ready a pleasure rather than a task with a sprawling walk-in closet that you can walk around freely.

Outdoor Living and Eating Spaces

The marriage of indoor living spaces with outdoor ones is the true definition of a kingly home. Sunday lunches prepared on an outdoor kitchen and enjoyed on an outdoor stone dining table combine splendour with rusticity. The options with outdoor spaces are endless with various groovy amenities like cabanas, roving patios and poolside bars. Make your poolside chats into mini-vacations that not only relax you but cater to your personal preferences.

Make your next dream home a truly grand spectacle with these fantastic features to complement your royal standards.

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Bal Harbour’s Real Estate – a world-class investment option

Bal Harbour’s Real Estate - a world-class investment option

Welcome to Miami

Sleek yachts stream through the Intracoastal toward the open seas, then take off along the coastline of modern blue- and green-glassed, futuristic skyscrapers. The skies merge with the azure Atlantic as fluffy cotton white clouds drift here and there. A gentle sea-breeze brushes your cheek but is not enough to stir the palm trees lining the roads for long stretches. The thermostat on your convertible Mustang shows a comfortable seventy-four degrees. You’re cruising Miami Beach with hundreds of others, enjoying its resort-like vibe and cosmopolitan flavor in mid-February. You take comfort in the fact that up north, where you live most of the year, they’re shoveling snow off the sidewalks.  

Driving north from South Beach for some fifteen minutes, you enter what can only be called a tiny seaside village – 1/3rd of one square mile in size. You’re not concentrating. Before you know it, you’re traveling across an estuary bridge and into adjacent Sunny Isles. Bal Harbour does that to you, earning its reputation as an iconic enclave for the understated wealthy. It makes a point of staying under the radar. The village residents (only 3,500), in general, live an opulent but undemonstrative lifestyle. We urge you to take the time, stop, and look closer at this hidden “jewel.” Three finely cut facets stand out immediately. 

Bal Harbour’s Real Estate - a world-class investment option

Facet #1 – The Bal Harbour unique vibe

Bal Harbour, in three words, is pristine, tranquil, stylish. Browse the well-planned green acreage between the residences and the famous 100 Bal Harbour Shops that draw fashion influencers from all corners of the world. Every high-end status brand imaginable is there along with top-name designer boutiques like Prada and Fendi. Michelin-rated fine dining is at your fingertips next door to casual eating, offering cuisine for every taste. Galleries, wellness establishments, and exotic spas as well. European style cafes, as well as Russian, Mexican, Cuban, Kosher, and Peruvian specialty food stores, give one a clue as to the diverse Bal Harbour resident population. 

What you won’t find here: 

  • Dance clubs that rock into the early morning
  • Casual beach visitors (i.e., parking is limited and expensive)
  • The South Beach throngs
  • Game-arcades
  • Water parks
  • 70-story high-rises like in neighboring Sunny Isle (i.e., 28-story max in Bal Harbour, but even that’s rear.)

Facet #2 – Sports and outdoor living

A beautifully treed $3 million path, made of packed-sand and paving, fronts the Bal Harbour luxury real estate, hugging the coastline way past the village. Stroll, bike, or jog for miles, way beyond Bal Harbour into Surfside, then Miami North Beach, and beyond, without a car in sight. Park your yacht or motorboat in any number of docks nearby. Join a private golf club or try out the thirty or so courses in a tight circle around Bal Harbour, offered at around $45-a-round, all-inclusive, by the CanAm organization.  

Facet #3 – Luxury Real Estate in Bal Harbour

One Bal Harbour, now known as Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour, ushered in the property rejuvenation of the village, creating a new aura of glamorous living. The luxurious St. Regis Bal Harbour Hotel and Residences consolidated the image and elevated it even more. Both the above developments are hotel connected, giving owners 5-star hospitality services right there in their homes.

Others soon followed, namely – Oceana Bal Harbour, Fendi Chateau, Eighty Seven Park, and Arte Surfside by Antonio Citterio. Condominium developments are the first thing visitors see, but there’s a limited selection of single-family homes as well. The architectural theme is somewhat eclectic with traditional “old Florida” residing unobtrusively alongside emerging and established modern buildings. 

The least expensive residence for sale in the Bal Harbour area is $819,000, and on the other end of the spectrum, $35 million. According to Zillow, the median price of a Bal Harbour home is $1,215,319, while the median list price per square foot is currently $805. These values are about 5% off last year, indicating a real estate “cooling down.” Currently, there are forty-four homes for sale, not including twelve units in the Four Seasons Surfside project a few blocks away that range between $2.7 million to $15 million. HOA fees in multi-facility developments start at $1,200, going as high as $3500 monthly. Property taxes in Dade County are around 2% annually of assessed real estate value.


Bal Harbour is not Miami as most people visualize it, but it is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It especially appeals to the well-heeled that insist on peace-and-quiet with close access to the action when they want it.


Bal Habour Luxury Condos

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Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

Miami is known for its impressive golden, sandy beaches. The shining crystals that line the sapphire blue oceanfront are iconic and inspiring. They draw in thousands of tourists per year, while also reminding residents of the charm that sent them there in the first place. South Beach is no stranger to luxury. With its many grandiose developments along the coastline, there is something for almost every budget. However, this wide price range does not neglect the glamorous feeling that many seek. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in an exclusive rooftop pool or drink a cocktail in a cabana by the beach, there is an option for you. These hotels consistently impress with their elegance and commitment to luxurious living.

Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

W South Beach

THE DRAW: Magical rooftop tennis matches and unforgettable dining experiences at Mr. Chow make W South Beach a notable standard. These experiences are unique and fun while still elevating the expectations for class and refinery.

LOCATION: 2201 Collins Avenue. This convenient location provides boardwalk access mere blocks from a private beach. It also has productive transportation routes back to Miami International Airport.


THE DRAW: Asian and Far-Eastern design elements make this experience stand out. Amenities including three infinity pools, exclusive fine dining, and access to Miami’s famous night-life encompass luxurious living. The elegance in each suite and amenity uphold the gold standard for condo hotels.

LOCATION: 2001 Collins Ave. Setai sits in the coveted Art Deco neighborhood. It is the perfect addition to the cultural wonderland that resides there.

1 Hotel 

THE DRAW: Condé Nast Travelers named this shining star the number one hotel in Miami for 2019. Also, the recycled materials that make up the hotel add to its vibrancy. It is comfortable yet confident, showing that old can transform into new with the right eye for style. Each dining experience caters to a different taste palette. The same goes for the other amenities as well. There’s an experience for everyone, while still feeling that heightened exclusivity.

LOCATION: 2341 Collins Ave. Centrally located on Collins Ave, everything you crave when you visit Miami is at your fingertips. Easy access to the beachfront and night-life is notable.

Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club 

THE DRAW: Fewer things are more elegant than a classic Italian meal. The gourmet Italian restaurant at The Surf Club amazes guests and transports you to the picturesque beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Tall ceilings and modern decor mesmerize and comfort you upon entry of one of the massive suites.

LOCATION: 9011 Collins Ave. Immerse yourself in the luxury shopping district. Allow for indulgence in every way as you treat yourself to world-class brands available at your doorstep.

See more about Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club here

St Regis

THE DRAW: If you are looking for indulgence, this location is a must! The exclusive spa experience is enough to make anyone melt. This serene spa offers your mind, body, and spirit the relaxation it deserves. The aquatic decor reminds you of the stunning ocean views that you came to Miami for in the first place. However, the plush carpets and overall ambiance ease your being into a state of bliss. After a relaxing treatment, return to one of the massive suites for a good night’s sleep.

LOCATION: 9703 Collins Ave. Bal Harbour is a landmark in its own right. This exclusive shopping district draws in visitors from all over the world.

The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour

THE DRAW: The Ritz is a staple in luxurious travel. Its rich history has amassed a loyal following throughout its various locations. This one, in particular, shines with a private location, waterfront dining, spa, and yoga center. For all of the starry-eyed lovers out there, they have partnered with Harry Winston for a glimmering engagement.

THE LOCATION: 10295 Collins Ave. Also located on Bal Harbour, this hotel proves the land’s status. Its magnificent presence amplifies the area and captivates all who visit.

Each of these larger-than-life developments delivers something that everyone desires in a new home. They prove that luxurious living is a different experience for all who partake. While they stand out in their own right, they also share common themes: elegance, refinery, and comfort. While searching for your new home in Miami, don’t just dive into the glimmering ocean waters- dive into the experience.

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A-List Amenities Athletes Want in Their Luxury Homes

A-List Amenities Athletes Want in Their Luxury Homes

Homes of athletes are some of the most opulent and famous in the Miami Beach area. It’s hard to forget massive mansions like Shaquille O’Neal’s Star Island former home or Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s ultra-modern, golf-course adjacent home in the La Gorce neighborhood. However, more than just the elite athletes choose the warm climate of Miami Beach for their luxury homes. Between Miami athletes (like LeBron James, back in the days when he played for the Heat) and those who choose to spend their offseasons here, plenty of pro athletes called Miami home. What are the most desired amenities these athletes look for in Miami Beach luxury real estate? Some of the answers may surprise you.

A-List Amenities Athletes Want in Their Luxury Homes

No In-Home Athletic Facilities

Of course, the first thing you may think of a pro athlete needing in their luxury home is training facilities. However, this is often not the case. Especially in the middle of a season, the work-life balance of a professional athlete is very much skewed towards work. That means that many athletes feel a strong desire to return to their luxury home and leave work at the gym. There is one caveat, however; athletes do like their high-end homes to have easy access to the top training facilities, to remove a part of their commute.

Gourmet, Chef’s Kitchens

As people whose livelihood relies on their body, pro athletes tend to be incredibly conscious of what they put into their bodies. Even more than the average Joe, food is the fuel for success for an athlete, and that starts at home. Many athletes hire personal chefs or other professionals to help make sure their body stays in peak condition. Having a chef’s kitchen in your luxury home makes the job of preparing the right food much more comfortable.

In-Home Theaters

As part of the idea of a luxury home as a retreat from the day-to-day hard work of being a professional athlete, another common request in these high-end homes is an incredible in-home theater setup. Many athletic contracts prohibit players from doing dangerous physical activities that could harm their body, and many more athletes choose to refrain from these activities. That makes multimedia and a full movie theater atmosphere in the house a big plus for many pros. It gives them a deluxe and luxurious space in their homes to relax with their families.

Guarded Communities 

With the days of social media and TMZ, the effect of cameras and paparazzi being everywhere has had its impact on professional athletes of all levels. Especially for those with families, privacy is essential for athletes shopping the luxury real estate market in Miami Beach. And, for these athletes, a gated community itself doesn’t cut the mustard. Instead, athletes have been leaning towards residential communities with a 24-hour guarded gate. This can help keep the paparazzi out and keep family life private for these athletes.

While these are some of the common requests for the uncommonly luxurious homes selected by athletes, there is no set template. Some athletes have their own unusual requests. One example would be Olympic diver Greg Louganis’ home in Malibu, where he put in a personalized pool and diving platform, complete with the instantly recognizable logo of the Olympic rings. However, the trend in the luxury real estate market for pro athletes in Miami Beach, and around the country, is towards a high-end retreat from the rigors of athletic training and public life. The goal is for athletes to leave their professional life on the field and in the gym and let their hard work pay off in incredible, opulent homes, full of relaxing amenities.

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Tranquility, meditation and wellness: a trend in luxury buildings in South Florida

tranquility, meditation, and overall wellness in the luxe real estate of South Florida

There is a clear trend of amenities for tranquility, meditation, and overall wellness in the luxe real estate of South Florida. Resort lifestyle is no longer just about making things look good, instead developers now create spaces and services for making top-tier buyers feel good physically and mentally. It is true that the richest in the world want incredible looking properties with mesmerizing architecture, but wellness is becoming increasingly important in luxury buildings around the world, and of course in Miami Beach.

The developers of high-end homes must be on par with the amenity requests of high net worth buyers. A recent report by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty states that properties with amenities focused on wellness sell on average between 10% and 25% more.

So, what wellness amenities are the top trend in South Florida? These are some of the most desired in the new projects:

Tranquility, meditation and wellness a trend in luxury buildings in South FloridaMeditation and Mindfulness Rooms:

It’s a trend in luxe real estate to have peaceful spaces where people feed their minds, focus on the breath, listen to soft music and sounds of birds with integrations of high technology and virtual reality that stimulate the tranquility of the meditators.

These meditative rooms are built with spectacular views towards the sea where those who enjoy them can concentrate on the waves, sunsets and sunrises to cool down their senses and to be mindful of the present moment and well-being.

The Resort Spa Wellness Pavilion in 57 Ocean is a clear example of a South Florida luxury building with spaces for indoor and outdoor meditation and relaxation, and a library to feed the tranquility of the mind while watching the Atlantic Ocean.

Massage Rooms in Luxury Buildings in South FloridaMassage Rooms:

Body massages relax both body and mind and first-class buyers for sure know it and request it on their properties, which now offer places of relaxation where the masseuse will provide rejuvenating facials and relaxing body and face massages in aromatized spaces with calm music.

This delightful environment can be found in The Ritz-Carlton – Sunny Isles Beach with an outdoor massage area and a wellness center, treatment areas, sauna and steam rooms.

Tranquility Gardens in Luxury Buildings in South FloridaTranquility Gardens and Spaces:

The vegetation has always brought peace to people, not in vain most of us seek from time to time to go to natural places where trees, plants and water create a relaxing environment. Plants are now found indoors in the common areas of high-end buildings creating better spaces to live for the top-tier buyers.

We now see a trend in luxury buildings to create natural foliage paradises and waterfalls in spaces such as rooftops, libraries, lobbies, meditation rooms and restaurants.

A beautiful sample of indoor nature can be admired in Eighty Seven Park, a top luxe development in The Millionaires Row, where a botanical exhibition takes place including the best collection of orchids and other objects such as Bonsai and Petit Cactuses.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates Studios:

Indoor and outdoor studios are on the rise for homeowners with taste for Yoga and Pilates who often look for properties with specially designed areas to practice their sessions with a personalized coach. The luxury buildings are being designed to provide spaces like this on the roofs, large balconies with tropical plants and high-tech private studios.

Construction firms took this into account and Yoga and Pilates areas are present in all the newest luxury buildings in South Florida, but you can see a specific example at The Oceana Residences in Bal Harbor with two Oceanfront Spas; and at Una Residences across the Biscayne Bay with state-of-the-art gym equipment and separate studios for yoga and personal training among other fitness and wellness activities.

Organic FoodOn-site Organic Food

All the luxury amenities that satisfy tranquility, meditation and wellness are not complete without on-site organic food services. The luxe real estate found its way to cover this need: from five-star restaurants that serve food at the request of residents, to nutritionists and rooftop orchards that produce the ingredients that are latter served at the table of demanding diners.

Buildings now serve luxury and also wellness and tranquility; understanding what the buyers are looking for is essential for developers that will always plan to meet and surpass their needs and demands.

Know we only have to ask ourselves, what will be the next request and how it will be implemented in the properties, but one thing is for sure, homes will only become better to meet the new demands of South Florida’s luxe buyers. What would be yours?

Did you feel identified with any of the relaxation, meditation and wellness amenities mentioned in this post? There are plenty of high-rise buildings that will fulfill your taste. Top Realtors Ivan & Mike have created a list for you to judge each project.  See the list of the latest pre-construction and new construction developments in South Beach by clicking here.