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10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

The pursuit of high-end living is all about a comfortable and splendid lifestyle.  The true connoisseur of luxury is not only looking for top-notch amenities but also that unique edge that showcases their exclusive status and position.

The leaps in technology have allowed builders and creators to come up with truly amazing and genius ideas that take lavish living to the next level. Open spaces and expansive bedroom sizes aren’t enough anymore, with new technology-based amenities on the rise.

It is not only the ease that technology provides but also the culmination of comfort and splendour for the affluent homeowner on the hunt for their palace of peace. So without further grandstanding, here are 10 must-have features your next luxury home needs…

10 Must-Have Features Your Next Luxury Home Needs

Motion Activated Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is said to be the hearth of the modern home. It is a place where people gather and thus needs to reflect the comfort of the homeowner. Opulent living requires a kitchen that makes your life easier and comfortable. Motion-activated faucets and smart fridges not only make daily tasks feel like a breeze but also make your use of your resources greener and more efficient.

Smart Beds, Smart Mirrors and Smart Showers

High-end home automation is the crux of an affluent lifestyle with every feature accessible and controllable through your smartphone. Smart beds feature plush mattresses whose softness and rigidity can be controlled according to your needs. Luxury Spa bathrooms deliver not only smart showers with multiple faucets, jet styles, and preset preferences but also smart mirrors that track the users’ necessary health information. Towel warmers and heated floors are part and parcel of this package to make your baths feel like royalty.

Hydroponic Indoor Garden

Organic living is not only healthy but also a highly expensive endeavour to undertake. Home-based organic food growing is an option open to only the richest and cultured homeowners. An indoor hydroponic garden can easily be installed even inside the kitchen drawer and allows for the natural growth of all kinds of herbs and micro-greens, making your food journey a truly luxurious one.

Pet Shower

You deserve the very best in home living, and your pet does the same. True luxury extends to not only oneself but also to our beloved pets, who we all love spoiling. A shower designed and constructed specially for your pet is the epitome of comfort and wealth.. Be it your prize-winning Samoyed or your beloved British Shorthairs make your life easier and theirs through the very best in pet care. You’re a star, and we believe your loved pets are too!

Secret Tranquility Room

Successful and highly driven people are by their nature magnets for responsibility. A chic lifestyle is often taxing on your body and mind. A home should define tranquility and peace for you and thus must contain a room built for that purpose. Secret tranquility rooms are tailored to your needs and give you an escape from your hectic and glittering lifestyle. The beauty of a tranquility room is that it can serve several leisurely interests. Make your Fortress of Solitude a game room, massage room, sauna room, or if you’re feeling magnificent, maybe all three!

Dynamic Swimming Pool

Classy living demands the easy availability of a wide range of relaxation options that necessitate the creation of unique pools. A simple pool is a thing of the past; what feels like pure elegance is a pool that transforms your surroundings to the peak of opulence. Dynamic swimming pools not only provide heating options but also give a variety of water movements to make your morning laps feel like an ocean adventure.

Pool Theater

Entertainment rooms are a prerequisite to affluent living with their adoption by the richest a norm these days. The genuinely elite separate themselves from the rest through innovation in comfort. Pool theaters not only give a fun edge to your movie nights but also provide grandeur mixed with bliss. Not only that, but a pool theater gives you more flexibility when it comes to party size and viewing options. Immerse yourself in a genuinely cinematic experience and make your movie nights stand out from the rest. Besides, imagine watching Jaws while you float above the water with the surroundings rife with tension and excitement!

Wine Room

A wine and tasting room is another highly sought after amenity. No longer relegated to hidden underground parts of the house, wine rooms have taken prime placement among luxury homes. Make your wine room a highlight of your kitchen experience by giving it the center stage it deserves. A beautiful wine room must not only contain attractive displays but a wine dispensing system with temperature control.

Walk-in Closet

The definition of magnificence contains the importance of open, expansive spaces in your home. Nothing makes getting ready for a glitzy night more exciting than a walk-in closet featuring complete attires displayed at your pleasure. Living like a King means having a room for your one-of-a-kind fashion sense to shine and be on display. Make getting ready a pleasure rather than a task with a sprawling walk-in closet that you can walk around freely.

Outdoor Living and Eating Spaces

The marriage of indoor living spaces with outdoor ones is the true definition of a kingly home. Sunday lunches prepared on an outdoor kitchen and enjoyed on an outdoor stone dining table combine splendour with rusticity. The options with outdoor spaces are endless with various groovy amenities like cabanas, roving patios and poolside bars. Make your poolside chats into mini-vacations that not only relax you but cater to your personal preferences.

Make your next dream home a truly grand spectacle with these fantastic features to complement your royal standards.

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W Hotel South Beach Condos for Luxury Living

W Hotel South Beach Condos for Luxury Living

W Hotel South Beach, Oceanfront condos for luxury lifestyle

Mention “South Beach Miami” to anyone who’s anybody, anywhere in the world, and they’ve either been there (often many times) or it’s high on their bucket list. It holds an allure that entices well-heeled, fun-loving people from all walks of life to dip their toes into the region’s diverse pleasures. For Americans up north in NYC, Chicago, and other cold winter cities, South Beach condos and residences have a well-established reputation for offering unparalleled luxury, and proximity to everything that makes resort living in Florida an international attraction.

When you live in South Beach, Miami is your oyster.

  • Partake in the most exquisite cuisine across the taste spectrum, from French cooking to Wagu Japanese dishes.
  • Art galleries, influenced by the annual inflow of 100,000 Art Basel followers, cater to the most pedantic connoisseurs of traditional, contemporary, and ultra-modern original paintings and sculptures.
  • In the design district, not too far away, furniture boutiques provide exceptional interior decorating services with Italian and Spanish accents, and other notable European influences.
  • Throw in short trips to the Key of Biscayne, Bal Harbour Shops, the Aventura Mall, friends living on Fisher Island, and frequent outings on your yacht, and the circle is nearly complete.
  • Life couldn’t be better as you jog, cycle, or walk the beach-side paths that stretch for miles, people-watch from outdoor cafes, and golf the many courses in the vicinity.

Frequently, the one big item not ideally aligned with this high-octane rhythm and upscale lifestyle is your permanent or home-from-home Florida residence. Well, there’s none better than W Hotel South Beach condos on the oceanfront to connect all the dots.

Three super-luxury W Hotel condos available right now.

Why the W?

Everything good you know or have heard about the Miami South Beach happenings converge on these select residences. The architecture and eye-catching art pieces are unmistakable from the minute you enter the property. Browse through the terraces to the outside pool area for instant transportation into lush gardens and unsurpassed tropical opulence. The on-site restaurants are second to none, in keeping with concierge service that’s simply flawless. It eventually dawns on you that you could be living at home with all this at your fingertips as if you were a hotel guest. That’s a revelation all in itself.

W Hotel South Beach Condos for Luxury Living

Of course, the investment in the luxury of this stature isn’t cheap, but it represents top-dollar value for money and in demand for good reason.

  • If you want one of the five tri-level bungalows with two bedrooms and nearly 1300 square feet living area, steps from the beach and hotel pool, with its own private yard, plunge pool, and outdoor kitchen, it’s now available.
  • No less impressive is condo unit in the tower that enjoy all the hotel amenities alongside breathtaking views of both the Atlantic and the city lights.
  • Prices range from $2 million to $3.4 million. All residences come entirely furnished to the exceptional standard you can expect.

The right realtor on your side for high-end luxury condos makes all the difference.

Naturally, you want only the most knowledgeable, competent resources in your corner when it comes to hotel residence opportunities. Look no further than the agents with the credentials to earn this exclusive listing, supported by their experience, insight, and intuition to find you the best W Hotel South Beach condo offerings. Indeed, the Ivan and Mike Team leads the way for buying and selling luxury condos that stretch the entire Miami Beach coastline as far north as Sunny Isles. Read all about them and why they command such high respect in the Florida real estate community.

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Eating Like Kings: 8 World-Class Restaurants in Miami

Eating Like Kings: 8 World-Class Restaurants in Miami

South Beach, Miami, is home to one of the most diverse taste palettes in the world. There really is something for everybody,  especially for those seeking the best of the best. South Beach is a hub for luxury dining. These unique experiences all have their own personal flair that makes them unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for an upscale American dish, a classic French meal, or an elevated Cuban cuisine, one of these options is bound to please. Immerse yourself in South Beach’s most impressive fine dining and take your taste buds on a journey.

Eating Like Kings: 8 World-Class Restaurants in Miami

Swan – Model City

This European bistro features outdoor seating that will have you feeling like you’re sitting in the Queen’s royal garden. Grammy award-winning artist and cultural expert Pharrell Williams and hospitality guru David Grutman blended their creative minds to create a chic cuisine. Their modernized approach emphasizes sustainability by providing locally sourced ingredients. Other notable features include world-class cocktails and menus for both brunch and dinner. Desserts such as the “Tropical Paradise,” a sorbet with coconut and mango flavors, encompass the location’s elements.

Le Petite Maison – Brickell

Previously otherwise found in locations like London, Le Petite Maison transports you to France. Inspired by the Cote d’Azur, this French Mediterranean dining experience is equal parts exciting and welcoming. “Belle Epoque” decor invites you in as you indulge in classic French dishes that blend seamlessly with Mediterranean ingredients such as fresh artichokes and olives. The finest wines are available by the glass so you can fully unwind and enjoy.

Ember – Paradise Plaza

Chef Bradley Kilgore brings his vision to life with Ember while breaking the mold of a traditional bistro. His take on wood-fired dishes elevates bistro dining to a new level. This American menu focuses on the traditional and true and refines it to a heightened sense of elegance. The minds of both Executive Chef Bradley Kilgore and Chef de Cuisine Nick Graves blend to create dishes that transcend beyond “food,” and become an art.

Upland – South of Fifth

The flavors of California and Italy may seem distant, but they fuse together effortlessly at Upland. This South of Fifth spot has you dreaming about both of them as you dine on the finest pizzas and bottomless mimosas. Chef Justin Smillie brings his rustic NYC vision to the Miami shore, culminating in a truly unique experience.

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Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis – South of Fifth

This is just about as authentic as it gets. Dive into decadent imported seafood directly from the Mediterranean as you unwind in this elegant establishment. Decorated in modern furnishings, Estiatorio Milos provides a sense of comfort and class. The imported selections of fish such as Fagri and Loup de Mer tantalize the senses as you escape to the Greek shores.

Joe’s Stone Crab – South of Fifth

Another notable oceanic paradise lies in the coveted South of Fifth neighborhood. This exclusive experience is open October through May, providing freshly seasonal seafood options. However, if you crave a romantic meal for two outside of that timeframe, delivery options are available through their website.

Prime 112 – South of Fifth

When you are craving a rich, elegant steak dinner, Prime 112 is the perfect destination. Explore the local South Beach culture as you observe the sights and sounds. Historically located in the building that was once the Browns Hotel, Prime 112 is authentically Miami. The Truffled Lobster Mac and Cheese invite each of your senses to escape into this captivating world.

The Surf Club Restaurant – Surfside

Á la carte dining shines here as the coastal flavors of South Beach culminate into one cohesive menu. Tried and true classics such as Beef Wellington take the stage at this continental paradise. Their wine list complements the food effortlessly, making combinations so indulgent that you’ll return time and time again.

Whatever your cravings call to you while you stay in Miami, there is an option that is sure to satisfy. These upscale locations are staples in their own right and serve their guests with memories that will have them long for an immediate return.

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Factors to Consider when Joining a Private Golf Club in Miami

Factors to Consider when Joining a Private Golf Club in Miami

While golf is an enjoyable sport for people of all ages, you will find that there are players who are more inclined to it more than others. This presents a need to have access to the most spectacular courses on a customized level based on how much you like playing. You will find that, if you enjoy practicing a few days a week, taking on a public club will not work. Private golf clubs present members with numerous perks that work to elevate the status of the sport.

Factors to Consider when Joining a Private Golf Club in Miami

Joining a club provides you with extra benefits such as impeccable hospitality, entertainment, and networking avenues. The many events held by the private golf clubs are only accessible to their members. You get to grow your social network and better your skills as tournaments and competitions are part of the membership package. The amenities you have access to increases depending on your membership status.

Essential Areas to Explore Before Joining a Private Golf Club

The extensive benefits that come with joining a good club are best enjoyed if you make the right choice. There are many clubs, and each offers various packages to a diverse clientele. Thus, you should ensure that you comb through the offers and find the one that works for you. You should be cautious of is the age-limit and the rules and regulations that drive operations. The following are three things you should do before settling on a private golf club;

  1. Comprehensively research on every aspect of the club. Some of the main elements include access to amenities, tee-time restrictions, community, walking policy and whether the payment plan you get is inclusive of necessities such as carts.
  2. Do you need a member to get in? Some high-end private golf clubs require a reliable reference before approving your application or even considering your membership. If you do not know someone in other clubs, you could request them to provide a sponsor. Find out where they stand in such a situation.
  3. Do you qualify? Look through their application process and walk through the requirements. The most common restriction is on the age of the applicant and what younger members get.
  4. Are you financially capable of maintaining your membership? Private golf clubs will require financial input on different levels, ensure you select one in which you can keep up with the necessary payments.

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Financial Implications of Private Golf Clubs in Miami

It is crucial to understand that joining a private club is an investment. Therefore, you should spend time understanding the cost and benefit before putting your money in. Membership proves beneficial for people who play a lot as it helps you save on daily-fee. However, if you do not look through the various necessary payments, you might end up spending more than you wanted. The right club will always give you value for your money, so you need to work to find the right club. When it comes to money, pay attention to the following areas;

  1. The consequence of the club’s market standing on their rates and offers. Golf clubs that operate in areas where there is always guaranteed traffic are in high demand. This means membership will be significantly high.
  2. How much will it cost you in total? Analyze the initiation fee, the minimum spending in different areas of the club and other payments you need to make. You can compare the cost of various private golf clubs.
  3. What are the different membership packages, in terms of access and limits? If you are looking to enjoy a specific perk, ensure your membership plan gives you access.
  4. How many months down payment is required when joining?

Some of the golf clubs that are likely to show up in your search include:

  • Boca Rio Golf Club
  • Miccosukee Golf and Country Club
  • Sailfish Point
  • Country Club of Miami
  • Linville Ridge Club
  • Williams Island Country Club
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Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

Miami is known for its impressive golden, sandy beaches. The shining crystals that line the sapphire blue oceanfront are iconic and inspiring. They draw in thousands of tourists per year, while also reminding residents of the charm that sent them there in the first place. South Beach is no stranger to luxury. With its many grandiose developments along the coastline, there is something for almost every budget. However, this wide price range does not neglect the glamorous feeling that many seek. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes in an exclusive rooftop pool or drink a cocktail in a cabana by the beach, there is an option for you. These hotels consistently impress with their elegance and commitment to luxurious living.

Miami Luxury Lifestyle in Condo Hotels

W South Beach

THE DRAW: Magical rooftop tennis matches and unforgettable dining experiences at Mr. Chow make W South Beach a notable standard. These experiences are unique and fun while still elevating the expectations for class and refinery.

LOCATION: 2201 Collins Avenue. This convenient location provides boardwalk access mere blocks from a private beach. It also has productive transportation routes back to Miami International Airport.


THE DRAW: Asian and Far-Eastern design elements make this experience stand out. Amenities including three infinity pools, exclusive fine dining, and access to Miami’s famous night-life encompass luxurious living. The elegance in each suite and amenity uphold the gold standard for condo hotels.

LOCATION: 2001 Collins Ave. Setai sits in the coveted Art Deco neighborhood. It is the perfect addition to the cultural wonderland that resides there.

1 Hotel 

THE DRAW: Condé Nast Travelers named this shining star the number one hotel in Miami for 2019. Also, the recycled materials that make up the hotel add to its vibrancy. It is comfortable yet confident, showing that old can transform into new with the right eye for style. Each dining experience caters to a different taste palette. The same goes for the other amenities as well. There’s an experience for everyone, while still feeling that heightened exclusivity.

LOCATION: 2341 Collins Ave. Centrally located on Collins Ave, everything you crave when you visit Miami is at your fingertips. Easy access to the beachfront and night-life is notable.

Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club 

THE DRAW: Fewer things are more elegant than a classic Italian meal. The gourmet Italian restaurant at The Surf Club amazes guests and transports you to the picturesque beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Tall ceilings and modern decor mesmerize and comfort you upon entry of one of the massive suites.

LOCATION: 9011 Collins Ave. Immerse yourself in the luxury shopping district. Allow for indulgence in every way as you treat yourself to world-class brands available at your doorstep.

See more about Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club here

St Regis

THE DRAW: If you are looking for indulgence, this location is a must! The exclusive spa experience is enough to make anyone melt. This serene spa offers your mind, body, and spirit the relaxation it deserves. The aquatic decor reminds you of the stunning ocean views that you came to Miami for in the first place. However, the plush carpets and overall ambiance ease your being into a state of bliss. After a relaxing treatment, return to one of the massive suites for a good night’s sleep.

LOCATION: 9703 Collins Ave. Bal Harbour is a landmark in its own right. This exclusive shopping district draws in visitors from all over the world.

The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour

THE DRAW: The Ritz is a staple in luxurious travel. Its rich history has amassed a loyal following throughout its various locations. This one, in particular, shines with a private location, waterfront dining, spa, and yoga center. For all of the starry-eyed lovers out there, they have partnered with Harry Winston for a glimmering engagement.

THE LOCATION: 10295 Collins Ave. Also located on Bal Harbour, this hotel proves the land’s status. Its magnificent presence amplifies the area and captivates all who visit.

Each of these larger-than-life developments delivers something that everyone desires in a new home. They prove that luxurious living is a different experience for all who partake. While they stand out in their own right, they also share common themes: elegance, refinery, and comfort. While searching for your new home in Miami, don’t just dive into the glimmering ocean waters- dive into the experience.