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Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes: Where the lush life meets the ocean

Located to the North of the Miami Dade County, and considered from its beginnings as a landmark of the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle, the Bal Harbour village is in its greatest splendor thanks to the vibrant artistic, fashion, and architectural scenes both residents and visitors can enjoy throughout the whole village. Some of Bal Harbours’ main attractions include the stunning buildings owned by the greatest 5-star hotel brands in the world (the renowned St Régis and the spectacular Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour), an amazing open-air shopping mall, and the most breathtaking white-sand beaches next to the ocean.

However, if you are looking for a top-level experience where the Atlantic Ocean meets the bay, you cannot miss Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes, the perfect location to get the best of both worlds: the extraordinary breeze of the sea and the luxurious amenities of a spacious home.

A house with a front-row to great sunset views

Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes are just minutes away from the best schools for your children, and the best restaurants, where you can dig the lively gastronomic scene the village has to offer. But the best feature of these properties is the whole new world you can discover inside each waterfront home. Many of these houses look like an exhibition of Mediterranean-like architecture; while other homes have a more modern-contemporary style, but no matter the shape, the waterfront homes design is impeccable to the beholders since each residence has been masterfully created to reunite the best of the indoor-outdoor living in one unique place.

The residents of these extraordinary houses can rest assured that they belong to the most exclusive and secure private communities in the village and in Miami Beach. Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes are filled with endless open bay fronts so you can be blessed with divine sunset views from a vantage point, just a few yards away from one of only two inlets in Miami Beach, where the ocean meets the bay.

This exceptional selection of waterfront houses raises the bar in the outdoor-indoor design, mixing the tropical nature within an urban aesthetic. Inside the private gates of Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes, visitors and residents will find a palatial estate that goes from 7,000 to 12,000 SF, showing a dazzling property where you can park up to 4 cars, surrounded by a magic foliage. Many of the features of the home are made of hand-crafted stone or marble, giving the property a European style you can only see in the most exclusive mansions.

Never-ending fun if you live by the sea

Likewise, you should get one of these waterfront homes if you are into boating, swimming, parasailing or even kitesurfing thanks to the instant access to the ocean from your own private dock, where you will be surrounded by the clearest water you will ever see. Even some residents of these wonderful estates have claimed to see dolphins at almost every sunset, because of the abundance of sea life brought by the closeness of the bay to the ocean, giving these houses a magical atmosphere.

Some houses have adjusted a few amenities on the rooftop to get the party started: a modern bar, a barbecue grill, and even an overflowing jacuzzi. So, you can be sure that you will never get bored in the Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes. Nevertheless, if you like quieter and more relaxed plans at home, you can take a dip in a glass-walled pool or go in your boat to explore the ocean. And do not worry about safety in the sea, residents count on a roving boat patrol to explore the water serenely.

The perfect location for exclusivity

Dubbed as “Miami’s most fashionable beach destination”, Bal Harbour, perfectly situated at the northern tip of Miami Beach, home to about 3,000 residents and covering just a square mile, has long been considered South Florida’s most upscale shopping and dining destination and the ideal place if you are looking for an exclusive site to live. Experience inside home or in the village outdoor activities like walking along the mile-long Bal Harbour Beach, fishing, cycling or even trying one of the 100 art exhibits, oceanfront concerts, and activities programmed for children, taking the opportunity of living the vision for this paradise, once conceived in 1929.

From this date, the village, strategically located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale International airports, as well as the Miami and Everglades cruise ports, was envisioned as a modern community that would maintain exceptionally high standards in every aspect, providing superior services and raising civic pride among its inhabitants and guests. And this goal has been accomplished thoroughly.

Living the lush life on an open-air mall

It does not matter if you are a resident or just passing by the village, you cannot leave without living the gastronomic and shopping experiences the village offers you. In the food department, you can choose from classic dishes to risk-taking and diverse cuisine to delight the palate, brought by the best restaurants in South Florida. However, if you are more into shopping in the most exclusive brands of the world, Bal Harbour Shops (since 1965) is your place to be. Just pick among the plethora of legendary boutiques and brands available for you.

But no matter what activity you choose to spend your leisure time, keep in mind that wherever you go inside the village, the indoor-outdoor dynamic is always going to be present, especially in the Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes. In this open-air mall, there are the most luxurious boutiques surrounded by a verdant landscape comprising palm trees and nice fountains and ponds, a place to feel inspired and relaxed.

Art within everyone’s reach

Bal Harbour is considered a special place for artists and cultural shows in South Florida thanks to the support the village has shown in the previous years to open spaces where art can be exhibited so it is accessible to residents and visitors. The most known initiative is called: Unscripted Art Projects, Art Chats and Art Access Program, where residents and guests in Bal Harbour can have access to some of the most dynamic, creative and captivating visuals arts in the country, making contemporary art accessible to Bal Harbour residents and guests. As you can see, art is present in every form in the village, you can tell just by stopping by Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes and its magnificence inside and out, many of them actually have been designed by renowned winning-award architects and artists.

Now, just imagine being a permanent resident of the best lifestyle in South Miami, living next to the Atlantic Ocean and just living a relaxed lifestyle where you can get the best of nature and the lush life. That place is a reality and it is located in the Bal Harbour Waterfront Homes and they are a standard of the most outstanding luxury real estate.

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